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The  Nagymaros conference event, 2020

2020 Nagymaros Conference (Virtual)

Date: June 22-23
Time: 8:30–11:30am (PDT), 11:30am–2:30pm (EDT), 5:30–8:30pm (CET)
Where: Per Zoom


The Nagymaros Conference is an international conference on economic sociology (with a special focus on organizational sociology) – a core line of research within the organization and management field. It brings together a selected group of scholars from leading US, European and Asian institutions to discuss questions at the frontier of the field. Since its inception over two decades ago, it has been hosted every year by a different institution.

In 2020, given the current global pandemic, the event will be virtual and will therefore take place online from June 22nd to 23rd. ESMT Berlin will organize the event.

Event overview

  • Program


    This is the link to the downloadable program.

    Monday, June 22

    Note: the times are in PDT!


    DAY 1

    8:30-9:15 am

    Plenary presentation

    Patrick Bergemann and Brandy Aven
    Whistle while you work? The relational determinants of reporting wrongdoing

    9:15 -10:00 am

    Plenary presentation

    JP Ferguson
    Same planet, different worlds? Spatial and institutional employment segregation by race in America 

    10:00 -10:10 am

    Short break

    10:10-11:30 am



    Cognition, categories, and meaning

    • Douglas Guibeault
      Micro categories, Macro ambiguities
    • Ingo Marquart, Nghi Truong and Matthew Bothner
      Using semantic networks to identify the meanings of leadership
    • László Pólos
      Partiality, coherence and inferencing


    Formal modeling and simulation

    • Jose Arrieta and Chengwei Liu
      In search of contrarian opportunities from the blind spot of majority rule
    • Elisaveta Konovalova, Gaël Le Mens, Schöll
      Asymmetric feedback can contribute to more extreme opinions
    • J.O. Luukkonen, J. Denrell, and N. Chater
      Intellectual leveraging: Social learning may lead to larger populations but greater fragility


    Hiring, promotion, and career advancement

    • Giacomo Negro, Balázs Kovács, and Glenn Carroll
      Winning changes everything: Grammys Awards and music artists' career
    • Abraham Oshotse
      Strategies for successful differentiation in cultural markets
    • Jennifer Merluzzi and Damon Phillips
      Who gets promoted? Specialization and early career mobility for professional managers


    Innovation and market evolution

    • Frank van der Wouden, Gianluca Carnabuci, and Hyejin Youn
      Recombinant invention and the "adjacent possible": Evidence from nearly 2 centuries of US Patent data
    • Joshua Bruce and John de Figueiredo
      The innovative impact of government scientists
    • Olga Khessina, Cameron Verhaal, and Stanislav Dobrev
      Bottled up or poured out: How product name emotions affect appeal and authenticity in the market for craft beer

    Tuesday, June 23


    DAY 2

    8:30-9:15 am

    Plenary presentation

    Susan Olzak, Ella Klahr Bunnell, Daria Tabia Lenz, and Carolina Sculti
    Mobilization against police violence in US cities

    9:15-10:00 am

    Plenary presentation

    Thomas Woiczyk and Gaël Le Men
    Evaluating categories from experience: The simple averaging Heuristic

    10:00-10:10 am


    10:10-11:10 am



    Cognition, categories, and meaning

    • Michele Piazzai
      Categorization and probability theory
    • Austin van Loon, Amir Goldberg, and Sameer Srivastava
      Multilevel construals, affective polarization, and intergroup dehumanization


    Formal modeling and simulation

    • Yulia Litvinova, Min Liu, and Christina Guenther
      Exploring the dynamics of group level taken-for-grantedness: An agent-based model
    • Michael Ryall and Olav Sorenson
      Causal inference as an organizational problem and organizational culture as a solution


    Hiring, promotion, and career advancement

    • Geoffrey Borchhardt, Balázs Kovács, and Michelle Rogan
      Knowledge leakage, institutional legitimacy, and competition in the selection of patent lawyer
    • Filippo Wezel and Martin Ruef
      Cracking the deck: National diversity, promotions, and absenteeism on the ships of the Dutch East India Company, 1700-1796
    • Anthony Vashevko
      The Matthew Effect as skill and strategy


    Innovation and market evolution

    • Samira Reis, Olga Khessina, and Ying Li
      The role of cultural embeddedness in the co-evolution of the American movie theater industry and the TV programming market in 1944-1962
    • Görkem Aksaray, Badrinath Kottimukalur, and Anand Swaminathan
      Wealth loss and entrepreneurial entry
    • Adrian Apaza
      Understanding labeling and product evaluation: Audience Heterogeneity
    11:10-11:30 am

    Group discussion and wrap-up


  • Program committee

    Member Affiliation

    Elizabeth Pontikes (Chair)

    University of California, Davis

    Amanda Sharkey 

    University of Chicago

    Michele Piazzai

    University of Amsterdam
  • Registration and important deadlines

    Registration is by invitation only.

    Attendance confirmation survey deadline

    June 1, 2020
    If you have questions concerning registration, please contact: Anna Emelianov or Melanie Seyffert

    Important notice to all participants who had previously booked a hotel in Berlin:

    Please don't forget to cancel your bookings as soon as possible, if you haven't already. As the conference will be virtual due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there won't be a need for the rooms.


  • How to join the meeting

    As this will be a virtual event, please take note of the different time zones for the meeting as per your respective geographical region.

    On both days, you would be able to join the conference meeting with this link.

    For the password, please refer to your invitation email. If you did not receive this, please get in touch with our program managers, Anna and Melanie. See their contact information below

Hosted by

Gianluca Carnabuci

Professor of Organizational Behavior and Ingrid and Manfred Gentz Chair in Business and Society, ESMT Berlin

Melanie Seyffert

Organizer, Program Manager

Administrative contact

Anna Emelianov

Organizer, Program Manager

Administrative contact

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