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Berlin Accounting Research Group

Berlin Accounting Research Group (BARG)

The Center is a founding member of the Berlin Accounting Research Group (BARG), a joint initiative of scholars from universities located in Berlin. The group organizes the Berlin Accounting Workshop biannually and various Berlin-based seminar series that regularly invite accounting scholars from Europe and around the world. The group gathers academics from the following universities:


Berlin Accounting Research Group (BARG) Group Photo




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Berlin Accounting Workshop 2019

The second issue of the Berlin Accounting Workshop took place on September 20-21, 2019. The workshop brought together scholars from around the world to discuss a selected number of academic papers in the areas of auditing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, and taxation, especially those presenting innovative ideas or methodologies. The two-day workshop featured presentations of nine papers, chosen from over 80 high-quality papers submitted, and gathered 54 participants, coming from 32 universities and 10 countries.

The Berlin Accounting Workshop takes place biannually and is a joint initiative of the institutions forming the Berlin Accounting Research Group (BARG). The second issue was supported by TRR266 Accounting for Transparency.



You can download the final workshop program here.


Report and impressions

You can download the workshop report here and see some memorable moments from the workshop here.

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