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Bringing Technology to Market Center

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Johannes Habel, Olaf Plötner, and Bianca Schmitz standing in foyer at ESMT Berlin

About the Bringing Technology to Market Center

The Bringing Technology to Market (BTM) Center

  • is focused on strategies of industrial champions in global markets
  • generates and imparts practice-relevant insights through solid research
  • is based on an exclusive network of managerial and academic experts.

Over the last years, we observed dramatic changes in global B2B markets:

  • The growth of customer segments with low willingness to pay and of new low-price suppliers have changed the competitive landscape
  • Traditional offerings had to be adapted to digital technologies and innovative business models have been introduced
  • Growing nationalism, climate change and the covid pandemic have strongly affected global trade – some even talk about “the times of deglobalization”.

It is our goal at the BTM Center to analyze how those developments impact industrial companies and what these companies can do to overcome the challenges.

The BTM Center team does this based on an exclusive network of experts from all over the world – facilitating a fruitful cooperation of company executives and renewed academics. This exchange between practice and science is a key principle of the BTM Center.


Bringing Technology to Market Center
ESMT Berlin
Schlossplatz 1
10178 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 21231-8010


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