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Stefan Wagner receives DFG funding for his research on pharmaceutical patenting

06/01/21, ESMT News
Stefan Wagner, associate professor of strategy and innovation at ESMT Berlin, successfully applied for DFG funding for a research project on “The use of Markush structures in pharmaceutical patenting and their effect on R&D competition in drug development.” The research grant is for 24 months and comes with personnel funding for a research assistant and a student assistant, as well as funding for other direct project costs. The approved funding sum is €111,100 plus €24,400 overhead costs.

Bollywood first

05/14/21, Wirtschaftswoche
Covid in India

Curevac braucht ein US-Patent

04/23/21, WirtschaftsWoche
Curevac, Vaccines

Curevac braucht Goodwill der US-Regierung

04/23/21, WirtschaftsWoche
Modern mRNA technology builds on existing patents. Stefan Wagner, professor at ESMT Berlin, explains the interrelationships of these licenses. (German article)

From startup to $67 billion company: 3 Lessons from Moderna's vaccine success

04/21/21, BusinessBecause
Moderna's vaccine has propelled its market capitalization to $67 billion. Stefan Wagner, professor at ESMT Berlin, comments on the latest success of this company.

Will COVID-19 vaccine success inspire future competition?

02/26/21, Businessbecause
"Cooperation" and Covid: Moderna's vaccine has propelled its market capitalization to $67 billion. Stefan Wagner, professor at ESMT Berlin, comments on the latest success of this company.

Erste TEDx-Konferenz an der ESMT Berlin

02/02/21, IDW
TEDx-Konferenz 2021
02/02/21, Abitur und Studium
TEDx-Konferenz 2021

First TEDx-Conference at ESMT Berlin

02/02/21, Response Source

The rise in fintech start-ups

06/11/20, IDG Connect

Tips from industry players on how FinTechs can survive through the coronavirus pandemic

03/26/20, Fintech Global
Coronavirus and fintechs

Losing employees to a rival company can have an upside

11/18/19, HR Magazine
Mobile employees

Finding a silver lining when R&D staff leave

11/02/19, Academy of Management
AOM Insights features a study by Stefan Wagner on the upside of losing employees to a competitor.

Opportunity knocks when rivals poach your stars

08/15/19, The Australian
Mobile employees study

Vorteilhafte Abwanderung?

08/15/19, Bank und Markt
Employee mobility study

Warum es nicht immer schlimm ist, wenn gute Leute abwandern

08/02/19, Das Investment
Mobile employees

Maximizing energy effeciency

08/01/19, Startup Magazine
Überenergy at ESMT

ESMT Berlin study: Losing innovative employees to competitors can actually benefit employers - Employer News

07/15/19, employernews
Retaining employees and new employers

Firms can overplay the war for talent, researchers find

07/12/19, Insight
Employees and competition study

Losing innovative employees to competitors can benefit companies, ESMT Berlin study finds

07/11/19, Bdaily
Employees and competition study

Verlust innovativer Angestellter an Wettbewerber kann Vorteile bringen, zeigt Studie der ESMT Berlin

07/11/19, Informations Dienst Wissenschaft
Mobile employees

The upside of losing innovative employees to competitors

07/02/19, Harvard Business Review
In Harvard Business Review, Stefan Wagner discusses the benefits of mobile employees based on his latest research.

Mehr Nationen im Dialog

04/04/19, Süddeutsche Zeitung
Interview with Stefan Wagner in Süddeutsche Zeitung on his experiences in public and private higher education. (German language)

Freies Denken erwünscht

10/19/18, Süddeutsche Zeitung (Hauptausgabe)

Nothing is free: Data-driven optimisation unlocks freemium business models' real potential

10/01/18, The European Business Review

Women must unite to maximise success in start-ups

06/05/16, Financial Times

Wer hat's erfunden?

10/17/15, Der Tagesspiegel - Supplement

Gute Voraussetzungen für Kooperationen

07/23/15, Twitter-BWA

Are 'Patent Thickets' smothering innovation?

04/04/15, Yale Insights

TÜSIAD/TCCI European Economic Integration Chair has organized a panel entitled "Growing economies through innovation: German-Turkish collaboration in research and

03/25/15, Noodls

DAX-Konzerne, Stiftungen, Wirtschaftskanzlei und die ESMT gründen German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) an der ESMT in Berlin

02/15/15, 123bildung.de

Leading corporations, foundations, law firm, and ESMT found German Tech Entrepreneurship Center

Siemens übergibt mit HelWin1 die zweite Nordsee-Netzanbindung an TenneT

02/09/15, Pressrelations

ESMT startet gemeinsame Gründungs-Plattform GTEC

Pourquoi externaliser une activité peut-il en condamner une autre ?

05/06/14, Les Echos

Formation continue - Mis en ligne le 10-02-2014

New Chair

02/17/14, Times of India

Stefan Wagner named TUSIAD/TCCI Chair in European Economic Integration at ESMT