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Summer Entrepreneurship Program (SEP)

Vali Berlin - The Entrerpreneurship Hub

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Empower entrepreneurs to create a better tomorrow


Vali Berlin's Summer Entrepreneurship Program supports entrepreneurs that strive to create a better tomorrow.

The Summer Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) helps entrepreneurial talents at ESMT to develop and elaborate their own startup ideas: finding co-founders, identifying trends and problems, finding and building solutions, and pitching in front of Venture Capitalists (VCs) and business angels. The teams benefit from expert mentoring, access to the ESMT and Vali Berlin network, and a structured program of workshops by entrepreneurs and thought leaders from Berlin's startup scene. On Demo Day, the talents and teams present and pitch their visions in front of an audience and a jury to win prize money of EUR 5,000.

Program structure and modules

The Summer Entrepreneurship Program is divided into four phases. Each phase has different targets and milestones. The curriculum has been designed together with serial entrepreneurs, VCs, and faculty and has been proven to be an accelerator for startup ideas and growth. Over the whole period of the program, the teams will be guided by Vali Berlin and their mentor with individual coaching.


A graphical representation of SEP modules divided into four different stages.


Value for entrepreneurs

  • Network: Connect to entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates from ESMT Berlin and Vali Berlin network

  • Batch & Community: Startup teams will come together in cohort chats to discuss and share ideas

  • Structured program: Structured curriculum with more than 20 workshops and resources from experts, entrepreneurs and investors

  • Mentorship: Serial entrepreneurs and experienced industry experts provide support during the whole program

  • Co-working space: Access to SpaceShack and ESMT facilities

  • Demo Day & Prize Money: Pitching in front of Vali Berlin network and investors - prize money of €5,000

  • Financial support: Two €1,000 payments to teams upon achieving milestones 


Application deadline: Mar. 11, 2022

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Program details

  • Program duration

    • April 11 - July 8, 2022
  • Who is this program designed for?

    • Entrepreneurial talents and teams from ESMT and other universities (students and alumni)

    • Preferably, applicants have an idea and a team already (but both are not required)

  • Application phase

    • December 20 - March 11

    • The applications are assessed on a rolling basis

SEP 2021: Past events

  • Events (examples)

    • Opportunity and Trend recognition, Mega Trends
    • Sustainability and SDG 
    • Agile Work in Teams
    • How to talk to customers
    • How to develop an MVP
    • No-Code Hackathon
    • Pitching
    • Business Angel investment
    • VC funding

SENVO - B2B SaaS for logistics departments

SENVO audits each and every shipment, so you don't have to.

SENVO highlights shipment anomalies, based on your rate agreements, carrier invoices, and your historic shipment structure. By drawing attention to outliers, SENVO helps you detect not only billing mistakes, but also inefficiencies in logistic processes. Marie Kober, Co-Founder at SENVO and MBA22, participated in Vali Berlin's SEP in 2021.

“The SEP was a life-changing experience.”

Berglin is a digital platform aimed at connecting and inspiring communities of mountaineering enthusiasts and professionals across high-altitude paradises and urbex locations worldwide. Ludovica Ceschi (MIM 21), Co-founder of Berglin, participated in Vali Berlin's SEP in 2021.


Learn more about her SEP journey

"Vali played a crucial role in making the pivot a successful transition..."

Francesca Manganella (MIM 20), Founder of My Top Career


Learn more about her SEP journey

"SEP was an extensive program that allowed me to focus on the founding process under the guidance of more experienced entrepreneurs."

Ian Wainana (MIM 22)


Learn more about his SEP journey

Against the backdrop of the ESMT front building and clear blue sky, the names of two Vali scholarships are shown.
A cover image of the 13th episode of the Campus 10178 podcast shows the founder of Vali smiling.
The winner of Vali's Demo Day at ESMT Berlin, Senvo, founded by Marie Kober (MBA 22).
Vali Berlin scholarships

Vali offers scholarships for full-time MBA students either working at their own company or proactively exploring new business ideas.

Introducing Vali Berlin, the entrepreneurship hub at ESMT

In episode #13 of Campus 10178, the ESMT Berlin podcast, Baris talks about how Vali Berlin was created, the development of its SEP, and where it fits in Berlin’s startup ecosystem.

Summer Entrepreneurship Program 2021 - Demo Day

SENVO wins €5,000 prize money at Vali Berlin’s Demo Day at ESMT Berlin

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