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Artificial Intelligence Societies

Artificial intelligence societies

“Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity.” – Andrew Ng

AI is set to transform our lives as we know it from our labor environment, our medical decision making to how we fight.

Currently nation states and companies alike are trying to grapple with what artificial intelligence means for them, their organization and the future of how they operate. In some cases, governments are starting to regulate the development of these technologies with a backlash from society and industry alike advocating for different measures.


China has set an ambitious goal to be the world leaders on AI by 2030 and has transformed its educational infrastructure to meet those future goals, while enabling and supporting organizations in the field. While other countries are composing their national strategies on artificial intelligence and building their understanding of its potential, misunderstandings, regulations and expertise scarcity and decision-making levels are impacting the technology’s progress.
DSI research provides situational awareness on the advancement of artificial intelligence policy and strategy, in efforts to offer strategic approaches and assistance to key public and private stakeholders to harness the potential of AI while addressing the ethical, legal and social challenges.

Our team works on

•    Identifying areas where artificial intelligence can improve national security processes.
•    Assessing ethical implications and human control in autonomous weapons systems.
•    Building frameworks for public private partnerships in the space of artificial intelligence.
•    Advising on policy relating to the meaningful advancement of artificial intelligence technologies.

Meet our Expert

Dr. Georg T. Becker

Senior Researcher, DSI
+49 30 21231–1654

Dr. Henning Lahmann

Senior Researcher, DSI
+49 30 212 31-1658