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High assurance technologies

Contrary to popular belief, technical solutions to cybersecurity crises do exist – all the way up to the military level.

“High Assurance” (HA) systems are basic informational concepts and components—like network technology, hardware or operating systems—designed especially for reliability, robustness and security. Many of these technologies provide real, provable security—tested against physical and mathematical models—that make whole classes of hacking attempts impossible, while raising the work factor level for all remaining options to such a high level that these systems cannot be attacked. Bundled together in meaningful ways, these technologies can effectively solve cybersecurity problems.


However, while the technologies themselves are well-known and in some cases even quite mature, they remain exotic and underdeveloped. The mainstream market is uninformed about them, and traditional IT-companies essentially stifle this branch of innovation, despite the high risks emanating from their inherently unsecure technologies.


High assurance technologies need to be developed and industrialized. At DSI, we develop HA prototypes for the burgeoning embedded/industrial IT revolution, we equip these new technologies with a computational substrate capable of complying with the highest assurance levels, and we help to bring these HA technologies to market. Our prototypes are “application-ready” and can be developed flexibly and on a proprietary basis by leading researchers in the field.

Meet our Experts

Dr. Sandro Gaycken

Director, DSI
+49 30 21231–1650

Dr. Georg T. Becker

Senior Researcher, DSI
+49 30 21231–1654

Alexander Bajic

Researcher, DSI
+49 30 21231–1655