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FUTURE Institute for Sustainable Transformation


Joanna Radeke
Executive Director of the FUTURE Institute for Sustainable Transformation

Based at ESMT Berlin, the FUTURE Institute for Sustainable Transformation specializes in developing and communicating innovative sustainability solutions and supports companies in their transformation. It creates and shares knowledge to transform organizations, industries, and value chains towards sustainability.  

FUTURE Institute for Sustainable Transformation  is a research-based and action-oriented institute for sustainable transformation that creates knowledge and connects the relevant players to transform individuals, organizations, industries and value chains towards sustainable impact. FUTURE Institute was founded by the international business school ESMT Berlin, the non-profit organization Werte-Stiftung and the innovation platform Futury with the purpose to deliver value in helping organizations to become more sustainable corporate citizens. We unite values & networks with top-tier education and innovation. The ESMT centers (Center for Sustainable Business and Leadership (CSBL), Center for Financial Reporting and Auditing (CFRA), and the Center for Leadership Development and Research (CLDR)) have been incorporated into the FUTURE Institute. The FUTURE Institute was launched on November 2, 2021 at COP26 in Glasgow.

Founding Partners