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Sustainable Business Roundtable


Joanna Radeke
Executive Director of the FUTURE Institute for Sustainable Transformation

The Sustainable Business Roundtable (SBRT), founded in 2011, is a peer-to-peer learning network for a group of excellent companies that have a global footprint and that are leading the sustainability revolution.

We combine cutting edge academic insight with open discussion of best practices, challenges, and opportunities that companies face in the strive to embed sustainability in their respective organizations.

Our unique value proposition is that we showcase the interface that sustainability has with the other departments of the company, such as human resources, marketing, investor relations. We convene twice a year and always invite two representatives from every company – the sustainability manager and a colleague from another area (e.g., marketing, supply chain, human resources). This creates a rich environment for debate and discussion in the room.

The 23 international members include Accenture, ams OSRAM, Adidas, Bain & Company, BNP Paribas, Covestro, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, E.ON, Enel, Evonik, H&M, ING, McDonald’s, McKesson, Merck, Mitsui, Orange, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Quadriga Capital, Siemens, UniCredit, and Volkswagen.


SBRT digital learning experience platform

A dedicated digital learning experience platform with exclusive member access enables members to share learnings from the Roundtables with their teams. To learn more about the SBRT digital learning experience, please contact Joanna Radeke, Executive Director of the FUTURE Institute for Sustainable Transformation at ESMT Berlin.


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