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Sustainability Bootcamp (SB)

Vali Berlin - The Entrerpreneurship Hub

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We strongly believe in entrepreneurship and its power to solve essential problems of the 21st century, such as climate change.

Hence, Vali Berlin hosts the first Sustainability Bootcamp at ESMT Berlin this year. The bootcamp brings together corporates, NGOs, investors, and talent to discuss and analyze environmental challenges and develop innovative and impactful startup ideas for them.

Have you wanted to make sustainability your calling?

You want to tackle climate change but don't know how? Your opportunity awaits! The three-phase program invites participants to imagine, design, develop, and pitch entrepreneurial solutions that address one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN.

A poster of Sustainability Development Goals.

Bootcamp program

The Sustainability Bootcamp is structured into three phases including two events: Ideate & Meet and Pitching Day. Between those two events, the teams will work on their solutions and pitches, while receiving support from mentors and Vali Berlin.

Vali Sustainable Bootcamp schedule

  • 1. Ideate & Meet: February, 18

    Corporates, NGOs, investors, and other stakeholders present new technologies, trends, and issues around environmental challenges, and participants of the bootcamp will ideate, network and meet each other

    • Presentations: trends, technologies and problems presented by NGOs, corporates, startups, VCs and other stakeholders
    • Panel Discussion: panel discussion between VCs, corporates, startups and corporates on “Environmental challenges and the role of the startup ecosystem”
    • Team building and hands-on work: meet and work with like-minded talents on environmental challenges
    • Networking: networking with stakeholders of the ecosystem and other like-minded talents
  • 2. Interim phase: February, 19 - March, 3

    Between the first and second event, participants of the bootcamp will have the chance to further analyze the problem and develop first solution approaches with the support of Vali Berlin and other stakeholders of the ecosystem

    • Mentorship by problem pitchers and Vali Berlin
    • Support and Infrastructure (e.g. Slack Channel) provided by Vali Berlin
    • Customer discovery by teams
  • 3. Pitching: March, 4

    Teams present their problem analysis and startup ideas to an expert and investor jury. The winning team will win a spot at Vali Berlin’s Summer Entrepreneurship Program.

    • Pitch: 5-minute pitch followed by 5-minute feedback
    • Feedback: Jury consisting of VCs, corporates and NGOs evaluate pitches

Application deadline: February 4, 2022

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Program details

  • Target Group

    • Entrepreneurial talents from ESMT and other universities
    • Huge interest in solving environmental challenges with a global and innovative solution
    • No or very early-stage idea tackling environmental challenges
  • Value for entrepreneurial talents

    • Insights: Valuable insights and inspiration into trends, technologies, and issues around environmental challenges
    • Impact: Analyze environmental issues and develop innovative and impactful startup ideas
    • Network: Network and meet potential co-founders, investors, subject matter experts and corporates
    • Feedback: Pitch your idea in front of an expert and investor jury
    • Access: Winning team wins a spot at Vali Berlin's Summer Entrepreneurship Program
  • Duration, format and application

    • Dates: February 18 - March 4, 2022
    • Format: The bootcamp will be hosted virtually. Please be reminded that we're not expecting a full-time commitment during the full two weeks, but provide participants with enough time to explore and discover

    • Application period: January 3 - 28, 2022

Speakers and Partners

Participants will be guided by leaders from corporate, NGO, and scaleup organizations with knowledge of environmental challenges, technologies, and trends.


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