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Bianca Schmitz
This is a photo of Bianca Schmitz, ESMT Berlin.
Bianca Schmitz is a director of leadership development programs at ESMT Berlin and has been one of the founding directors of the Hidden Champions Institute (HCI). Additionally, she is an director of knowledge transfer at the Bringing Technology to Market (BTM) Center.

She is also responsible for establishing new international alliances with other business schools, institutions and networks, such as the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM).

Her research has been published in journals such as Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Family Business Management. Beyond academic research, Bianca has published a number of case studies and managerial articles on hidden champions and digital transformation.

Her focus is on impact of global trends on hidden champion’s business practice, innovation management, agile methods such as Design Thinking, Lean StartUp, Effectuation, and Scrum. She is a certified SCRUM Product Owner.
Bianca is a firm advocate and and practitioner for designing individualized learning journeys to create sustainable impact.

She studied Regional Sciences of Latin America at the University of Cologne and finished with a diploma. Her focus was on economics and the Spanish language.
Bianca worked for three years at the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS), a non-profit organization based in Cologne, Germany, with branches throughout the world. Bianca’s international profile is supplemented by two-years of work experience in Spain.
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Bianca Schmitz

+49 30 212 31-8090

Director, Leadership Development Programs

  • Dr. rer. pol (University of Erlangen-Nuernburg)
  • Dipl.-Reg.-Wiss. (University of Cologne)