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Journal Article
The European Business Review
Mandy Hübener, Bianca Schmitz, Bethan Williams (2021)
Economics, politics and business environment
Leadership, MBA, executive education
To guarantee maximum ROI for its clients, executive education needs to fulfil some key criteria. The content must be tailored to individuals’ profoundly personal career paths, knowledge gaps, and blind spots, and the format must also suit the learning style and working context of each participant (podcasts, TED talks, print – no learning method is invalid). Self-paced online modules are a good step in this direction, allowing a decoupling from the rigid corporate calendar or the availability of teaching faculty. But individualization must also mean creating regular opportunities to reflect on and assimilate new skills and knowledge. Furthermore, executive participants should feel they have the toolkit and the support network they need to continue their learning journey long after they leave campus.
Technology, R&D management
Technology, software