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Examining dissemination of information on COVID-19: Healthy economy over public health?

09/27/21, United Nations

To win with AI, focus on our humanity

06/29/21, Forbes
ESMT Prof. Francis de Véricourt explores how executives can leverage the power to win more with AI than with AI alone.

Why humanity is an asset in an age of tech

06/28/21, Financial Times
An exploration of how ‘framing’ decisions by exploring our choices is a skill we can all deploy, based on the book "Framers", co-written by Francis de Véricourt, professor at ESMT Berlin.
06/28/21, Financial Times
Humanity and assets

Thinkers and Ideas - Framers with Kenneth Cukier and Francis de Véricourt

05/22/21, SoundCloud
Francis de Véricourt, professor of management science and the director of the Center for Decisions, Models, and Data (DMD-Center) at ESMT Berlin discusses his latest book with co-author Kenneth Cukier, journalist at The Economist, and an associate fellow at the University of Oxford's Saïd Business School.

Framers with Kenneth Cukier and Francis de Véricourt

05/21/21, SoundCloud
Framers book
05/21/21, Thinkers & Ideas
framers book

Kenneth Cukier and Francis de Vericourt on the GOP's Framing Problem

05/11/21, Literary Hub
Framing, ESMT research

Imaginative "framing" is the key to problem-solving

05/10/21, The Economist

#303 Framing is Fundamental. Francis de Véricourt and Kenneth Cukier

05/07/21, How Do We Fix It?
Decisions, framing, research

You Can Make Better Decisions by Placing Problems in a New Frame

05/07/21, Bloomberg
Decisions, framing, research

ESMT Berlin study investigates how governments inform the public about a pandemic

02/23/21, EurekaAlert!
ESMT Study, pandemic

The healthiest countries to live in times of Corona!

05/08/20, Mfame


The healthiest countries to live in

04/21/20, Ghanaianews
04/20/20, BBC

¿Por qué la OMS tardó tanto en declarar pandemia por el COVID-19?

03/19/20, Tek Crispy

COVID-19: Why the WHO was afraid of crying 'pandemic'

03/19/20, Medical Xpress
Coronavirus and management

Controlling the coronavirus is not a medical problem

03/18/20, Forbes
Coronavirus and management


06/28/19, Brand Eins

What's Next after the French Election?

Forecasting Ebola: Use Past Data or Spot the Difference?

11/19/14, Insead Knowledge

More Trouble for Behavioral Economics

03/05/14, Before It's News

Temporary versus Permanent Behavioral Responses

03/05/14, Before It's News

Productivity Response to a Contract Change

01/27/14, NBER

ESMT stärkt Lehre und Forschung mit zwei Professoren

ESMT strengthens teaching and research with two professors

09/03/13, Jura Forum
09/03/13, Pressrelations
09/03/13, Uni-Protokolle

ESMT stärkt Forschung und Lehre mit zwei Professoren

09/03/13, Jura Forum
09/03/13, Uni-Online
09/03/13, Uni-Protokolle

Share or stockpile?

Rich countries should donate flu vaccine

10/19/09, Westfälische Rundschau

Game theory says give, not receive, flu vaccine


Prison threat will only bar much-needed reform

09/09/09, Financial Times