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International Legal Discourse and the Growing Role of Non-state Actor Truth Production: Preliminary Questions

04/22/21: The International Rule of Law – Rise or Decline?, Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Autonomous Weapons, Training Data, and the Perpetual Allure of Infallible Precision

04/02/21: Artificial Intelligence and Normative Challenges: International and Comparative Legal Perspectives, European Society of International Law, Thessaloniki, Greece

The Politics and Ideologies of the Sovereignty Discourse in Cyberspace

12/04/20: Kraków-Leiden Online Symposium of the European Society of International Law, European Society of International Law, Krakow, Poland

Are Information Operations Illegal under International Law?

06/23/20: Webinar/online lecture, University of Cologne, Master’s Program, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Cologne, Germany

Autonomous Weapons Systems and IHL – Compliance and Its Discontents

01/27/20: Robots in Arms – On a Search for a Future Arms Control Regime to Regulate Autonomous Weapons, Evangelische Akademie Loccum, Loccum, Germany

Non-State Actors and the Problem of Attribution in Cyberspace

11/18/19: International Law in Cyberspace, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel

Online Disinformation & Democracy

09/23/19: Online Disinformation & Democracy, Heinrich Böll Foundation Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel

Sovereignty and Due Diligence

07/05/19: Expert Dialogue on How International Law Applies in Cyberspace, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Geneva, Switzerland

Artificial Intelligence and National Security

06/21/19: Artificial Intelligence and National Security, Parliamentary Faction of the Christian Democrats, Berlin, Germany

Transnational Cyber Security and Technology – Current Issues

06/13/19: Glasgow Foreign and Commonwealth Office Series on International Law and Global Security: Exploring Normative Gaps – Issues and Developments in Cyber Security, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

‘Defending Forward’: Justifying Active Responses to Cyberattacks

05/16/19: ‘From Sanctions to Hack-Backs: How to Respond to Cyber-Attacks’, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Zikhron Ya'akov, Israel

‘Hacking Back’ and the Uneasy Place of Necessity within the Rule of Law

04/03/19: Research Forum 2019 of the European Society of International Law on ‘The International and Domestic Rule of Law – Synergies and Challenges’, European Society of International Law, Göttingen, Germany

An International Framework for Cyberspace Fact-Finding?

11/27/18: Bots, Hacks and Attacks: Attribution, Identification and the Problem of Proof, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Herzliya, Israel

Einwilligungsmanagement für das Interndet der Dinge

07/12/18: Vernetzungsworkshop Einwilligungsmanagement, TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Acts without actors: State responsibility in cyberspace

03/01/18: The International Rule of Law – Rise or Decline?, Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany

The DNC hack and attribution: Protecting democracy, compromising human rights?

11/22/16: Digital Society Conference, ESMT Berlin, Berlin, Germany

The cyber future of privacy norms in the context of ‘traffic-data’, particularly cross-border dataflow

10/02/15: Human Rights in Cyberspace, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, Tallinn, Estonia