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Ingo Marquart
Economics of Leadership and Organizations, Deep Learning, Networks
This is a photo of Ingo Marquart, ESMT Berlin.
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Ingo Marquart was awarded a doctoral degree from ESMT Berlin in June 2022. He was an ESMT PhD Fellow and a student in the Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics & Management Science/Berlin School of Economics.

Ingo received his Masters (Research) from Paris School of Economics and University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. His thesis was on the regulation of interconnected network industries and was supervised by Francis Bloch.
He studied Quantitative Economics at the University Bielefeld and he holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics by the University of Muenster.
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Ingo Marquart

2022, Dr. rer. oec., ESMT Berlin
  • Dr. rer. oec. (ESMT Berlin)