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Katja Kisseleva-Scherenberger
Katja Kisseleva-Scherenberger is an ESMT PhD Fellow and Research Associate at ESMT's Center for Financial Reporting and Auditing. Her main research areas and interests are entrepreneurial finance and accounting and impact investing in private equity. Katja was a visiting PhD student at Stanford Graduate Business School in 2018. Prior to the academic career, Katja served as Financial Services Consultant at PwC, where she audited banks and led several projects on implementation of new bank regulations, after which she served as an Assistant Manager at KPMG, where she consulted publicly listed companies in Germany on accounting issues. Moreover, she was a part-time researcher at Free University Berlin and a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley and Vrije Universitaet Amsterdam.
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Katja Kisseleva-Scherenberger

+49 30 212 31-xxxx

ESMT PhD Fellow and Research Associate, Center for Financial Reporting and Auditing (CFRA), ESMT Berlin

  • MSc (Free University, Berlin)
  • BSc (Free University, Berlin)