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The hidden costs of the “luxury”of working from home

What are the key HR challenges post-covid?

07/21/20, HRZONE

Рейтинг лучших бизнес-школ с краткосрочными программами для руководителей

05/14/20, Forbes Russia

The 5 Most Interesting EMBA Programs In Europe

06/07/19, Poets & Quants

France Asks a Devastating Question: What Role Did Telecom Executives Play in 35 Employee Suicides?

05/08/19, Fortune
05/08/19, Yahoo Finance UK

Game Of European Thrones - An Essential Guide To Management Styles In Europe

04/05/19, Forbes

The Five Most Important Skills For Managers To Develop In 2019

02/22/19, Forbes

ESMT Berlin begins Industry Immersion Program in Africa to foster graduate employability

24 big names in tech reveal the books they're reading right now

03/14/17, Business Insider

Liderança, ponto fundamental para o crescimento das empresas

找工作时 你该选择时间还是金钱?

03/03/16, BBC

5 coaching scenarios to avoid

02/25/16, Changeboard

Executive Coaching: 5 things Coaches MUST Avoid

02/24/16, HR&charity news

When executive coaching goes wrong

How can you make sense of the family-career conundrum?

12/23/15, Changeboard

How to manage a micro-manager

O eterno dilema entre mais tempo livre ou mais dinheiro

09/17/15, Diga Bahia

Should you swap long hours for less pay?

09/14/15, BBC
09/14/15, Freenewspos

Why did you sack me?

07/22/15, BBC China
06/23/15, BBC
06/23/15, BBC

Forget chauvinism: It’s good to be a woman in business

06/30/15, CITY A.M.

There's poetry in the business world

03/23/15, CITY A.M.

Aufstieg, nein danke!

01/16/15, VDI Nachrichten

Psyched Out

12/29/14, NextExecutive

In Times of Uncertainty: What Can Leaders Do For Followers?

11/20/14, IEDP

Developing a global leadership mindset

10/01/14, Changeboard

Российско-германский Коллоквиум по Executive-коучингу «СЛОЖНЫЕ СЛУЧАИ В РОССИЙСКОЙ ПРАКТИКЕ КОУЧИНГА РУКОВОДИТЕЛЕЙ»

05/05/14, Press Relizy
04/30/14, Presuha

Коллоквиум по Executive-коучингу «Сложные случаи в российской практике коучинга руководителей»

04/30/14, JOBSME.Ru

Kompetenz und Erfahrung

04/01/14, Wirtschaftswoche Management

Эффективность и Счастье [Effectiveness and happiness]

The TV program deals with the questions of specific behavioral features of Russian managers, how recent scientific developments influence management, and what is necessary in order to be successful and stay happy.

Эффективность и счастье

03/04/14, ctp.42
03/04/14, ctp.42

"Ein guter Coach braucht Supervision"

03/01/14, Wirtschaft+Weiterbildung

Konstantin Korotov talks about characteristics of Generation Y.


Four lessons on leadership from Russian business

Beichtvater, Berater, Coach

05/31/11, Deutsche Welle

Do you have the skills to be an executive coach?

03/25/11, Careersparkle

Leadership change in an identity laboratory

12/13/10, The Wall Street Journal

Nachhaltigkeitsobjekt Mensch

06/15/10, Deutsche Welle

Stress, Kündigungen, Überlastungen

05/26/10, Manager Magazin

So tickt ein russischer Tycoon (in German)

01/13/07, Die Welt