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Entrepreneurs perform better if able to choose their ideas OR team members – but not both

02/16/22, Association of MBAs (AMBA)
Entrepreneurial teams perform better if able to choose their own team members or their own ideas, finds new research from ESMT Berlin. However, this benefit to performance disappears if given autonomy to choose both.

Five Ways R&D Panels Can Go Wrong When Deciding To Invest In Innovation Projects

01/04/22, Forbes

Forming new collaborations in remote work

04/29/21, California Review Management
Networks are resilient, but a year of remote work has taken its toll on organizations. Linus Dahlender, Martin Wallin, Eric Quintane, and Gianluca Carnabuci explore how companies can form new collaborations in remote work.

Hottest apps to look out for in 2021

01/29/21, Businessbecause
Online learning recommendations

Berlinprofessorn: "Det är för mycket fokus på att utveckla sådant som inte spelar någon roll"

12/17/20, ESBRI
Research statement

Die Chance für Open Innovation

07/21/20, Harvard Business Review

Arbeiten nach Corona: So klappt Netzwerken aus dem Homeoffice

07/20/20, Wirtschaftswoche
Networking during corona crisis

Riparte l'osservatorio startup intelligence: creiamo l'ecosistema per il rilancio!

Coronakrisen – ett uppsving för öppen innovation?

Five surefire ways to kill innovation

06/08/20, Medium

Why now Is the time for "Open Innovation"

HRD Tech Roundup - July 15th 2019

07/12/19, HRD Connect
Tech roundup for July

Four steps to make crowdsourcing work well for you

07/06/19, South China Morning Post

Integrating a workforce into the digital age

05/24/19, HRD Connect

Vom Potenzial der schrägen Ideen

10/17/15, Der Tagesspiegel - Supplement

To Succeed at Crowdsourcing, Forget the Crowd

08/26/15, Insead Knowledge

When Crowdsourcing, Can a Crowd Be Too Big?


Crowdsourcing Is Not a Numbers Game

07/22/15, Insead Knowledge

Collaborations: Recipe for a team

07/09/15, Nature - International weekly journal of science [Vol. 523]
A scientific collaboration is vulnerable to derailment unless members learn to trust each other at the outset.

ESMT startet gemeinsame Gründungs-Plattform GTEC

Do Organizations Implement the Best Crowdsourced Ideas?

01/09/15, Yale Insights

Mehr Platz für Querdenker

12/08/14, Handelsblatt
12/08/14, WirtschaftsWoche

Mehr Platz für Querdenker: Unternehmen sind in immer kürzeren Abständen auf Innovationen angewiesen ...

Managementstil von Oliver Samwer: "Rocket sucht Soldaten, keine Kapitäne"

10/03/14, Spiegel Online

The Secret to Happy Partnerships

04/14/14, Palm Beach Post

Team-building exercises to encourage trust, communication, and interdependence among group members

03/26/14, Before It's News

Daniel McFarland: What Is the Secret to a Happy Collaboration?

Drei Schritte zu erfolgreicher Open Innovation – wie Schwarmintelligenz funktioniert

03/04/14, IHK Braunschweig
02/06/14, JuraForum
02/06/14, Uni-protokolle

Open to your ideas and suggestions

03/01/14, HR Network Scotland

ESMT R&D Annual Report 2013 highlights research success

02/14/14, JuraForum
02/14/14, Uni-Online
02/14/14, Uni-protokolle

ESMT R&D Annual Report 2013 zeigt Forschungserfolge

02/14/14, JuraForum
02/14/14, MBA24
02/14/14, Uni-Online

3 Steps to successful open innovation

The secret to successful open innovation initiatives

Open Innovation: Wie Schwarmintelligenz funktioniert

02/07/14, Markenartikel

Drei Schritte zu erfolgreicher Open Innovation - wie Schwarmintelligenz funktioniert

02/05/14, Pressrelations
02/05/14, Pressrelations

Drei Schritte zu erfolgreicher Open Innovation

3 Steps to Successful Open Innovation

02/03/14, Angel News

Three steps to better innovation

Embargoed - 3 Steps to Successful Open Innovation

01/31/14, Source Wire

Innovationsforschung an der ESMT

12/20/13, Manager Seminare

Linus Dahlander neu auf KMPG-Lehrstuhl

11/06/13, Börsen-Zeitung

PERSONEN: Linus Dahlander neu auf KMPG-Lehrstuhl

11/06/13, Börsen-Zeitung
11/06/13, OnVista

Open Innovation wenig erfolgreich für Unternehmen

09/17/13, markenartikel

Crowdsourcing - Geben und Nehmen

09/16/13, Presse Box

Guns N' Roses: como o sucesso destruiu a banda em pouco tempo

05/23/13, Whiplash

Why Success Can Ruin Your Team: The Case Of Guns N' Roses

05/23/13, Forbes

The love-in

10/11/07, The Economist
The move toward open innovation is beginning to transform entire industries