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Lola Attenberger
Researcher, Digital Society Institute
Lola Attenberger is researcher at the Digital Society Institute at ESMT Berlin. Currently, she is primarily researching the protection of Berlin’s critical infrastructures concerning cyberthreats. The Digital Society Institute was commissioned with this project by the Berlin Senate. The project’s aim is to improve the cybersecurity situation in Berlin. For that reason, the DSI develops models to improve coordination, communication and the recording of sectoral and cross-sectoral risks. Through a series of workshops these models will be applied and collaboratively developed with the relevant stakeholders - such as KRITIS operators or regulatory authorities.

In addition, Lola Attenberger is interested in how machine learning could improve cybersecurity, technological innovations and tech policy. She conducted in her Master Thesis a comparative analysis of the cybersecurity strategies of the United States, Germany and China and found out that the political system plays a role in those strategies. During her studies, Lola Attenberger worked for the German Government in several positions: in the German Foreign Office, the German Bundestag, the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development as well as in research and administrative positions at her universities.

In her role at DSI, Lola Attenberger is also responsible as the editor of the monthly DSI Cyber Policy Digest. Besides that, she co-authored the position paper from Xayn and the DSI on the application of masked federated learning in the public sector, she spoke at an EY-Webcast about Chinas Cybersecurity strategy by comparison, proposed improvements for the German Cybersecurity Strategy and moderated the Technology session at the BKA-DSI Cybercrime Conference 2021.

Overall, Lola Attenberger was already committed to digitalisation and sustainability issues during her studies in Berlin, Finland and Brazil. She developed a concept and advocated for digital elections at the HWR, making it the first university with digital elections. Lola also founded the Sustainability Club at the HWR and won twice the Engagement Prize for her initiative: GemeinSchafftNatur and the contribution to FiscalFuture.

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Lola Attenberger

+49 151 5446-2229

Researcher, Digital Society Institute (DSI), ESMT Berlin

  • MA (Berlin School of Economics and Law)
  • BA (University of Fortaleza)
  • BA (Berlin School of Economics and Law)