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Same data, opposite results. Can we trust research?

11/07/21, BBC Sounds
In an interview with BBC, Martin Schweinsberg discussed how research with the same data can lead to different conclusions.

Mehr Gehalt dank Weiterbildung

04/26/21, Wirtschaftswoche
Nach der Weiterbildung ist vor der Gehaltsverhandlung. Wie Sie aus Ihren neuen Fähigkeiten Kapital schlagen, erklärt Psychologe und Assistenzprofessor an der ESMT Berlin Martin Schweinsberg.

Auch in der Krise: Verhandlungen sind keine Raketenwissenschaft

01/28/21, Zeit Online

How to get a pay rise in the middle of a crisis

07/29/20, The Independent
07/29/20, The Independent
07/28/20, Yahoo Finance UK


07/22/20, Finance Derivative

How do you get exactly what you want in a negotiation? Use this simple sentence

07/20/20, ESMT PR
Negotiation research
07/20/20, Responsesource

How to Play "Friendly Hardball" in a Negotiation

06/30/20, Harvard Business Review
Martin Schweinsberg, assistant professor at ESMT Berlin, explains how to capitalize on the own skills in salary negotiation.

2019 Best 40 Under 40 Professors: Martin Schweinsberg, ESMT Berlin

04/23/19, Poets & Quants

Beating the Trump card: How to stand up to a bully in negotiations

Imagine Alternatives to Negotiate More Ambitiously

06/28/18, Insead Knowledge

How your imagination can help improve your well-being and even assist in negotiations

04/25/18, The Entrepreneur

Research: When You Don't Have an Alternative in a Negotiation, Try Imagining One

Krig i skjorteaermer

The reproducibility "crisis": Reaction to replication crisis should not stifle innovation

08/09/17, EMBO reports
interviewed about StudySwap

How to lead like Jeff Bezos and think like Steve Jobs

07/31/17, Financial Review

Concurrent replication

Online platform aims to facilitate replication studies

Why it pays to be sceptic of scientific studies

03/01/17, In the Black

In negotiations, anger leads to impasses

02/09/17, Pacific Standard

Findings: A daily roundup of academic studies

06/03/16, National Affairs

Biomedicine facing a worse replication crisis than the one plaguing psychology

04/19/16, Slate

The reproducibility crisis is good for science

04/15/16, Slate

Pipeline project aims to improve reproducibility of scientific research

04/07/16, RealKM

How to make psychology studies more reliable

03/31/16, The Atlantic

What if we tried to replicate papers before they’re published?

03/31/16, Retraction Watch

Failure is moving science forward: The replication crisis is a sign that science is working

03/24/16, FiveThirtyEight

Emotion and the art of negotiation

Erfolgreich beim Gehaltspoker

05/01/14, Gehirn und Geist

Negotiations: Starting high and ending with nothing

01/11/12, The Jury Room