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Sustainability as a Booster for Employer Branding

04/01/22, Mercedes-Benz Consulting
In an interview with Mercedes-Benz Consulting, Matthew Bothner speaks about sustainability and the kind of leadership that is needed in the future

Was ist nachhaltige HR-Arbeit?

Unternehmensverantwortung und CSR in der Krise – 3 Fragen an...

06/28/21, Forum Wirtschaftsethik
How is the importance of responsibility and CSR in companies changing in these times of uncertainty? Matthew Bothner, professor at ESMT Berlin, is talking about this topic for the interview series "3 Fragen an ..."

New paper by Matthew Bothner accepted for publication

06/03/21, ESMT News
The paper “What is social status and how does it impact the generation of novel ideas?”, co-written by ESMT's professor Matthew Bothner, has recently been accepted and will be published in Research in the Sociology of Organizations. The paper explores the relationship between two seemingly contradictory assets — status and novelty. As creativity, alongside risk and illegitimacy, is inherent to novelty, how and when does status — a typically stable asset, possessed by those who are highly regarded by highly-regarded others — catalyze the generation of novel practices?

When Competition at Work Turns to Conflict

07/17/19, IEDP
Competition to conflict in workplace

Are flat hierarchies overrated? F1 racing drivers think so

02/15/19, Forbes
The Forbes article features research by Gianluca Carnabuci and Matthew S. Bothner.

Are you on a collision course with a workplace rival?

05/21/18, INSEAD Knowledge

What Data on Formula One Crashes Suggests About Workplace Rivalries

Escalation of competition leads to conflict in competitive networks of F1 drivers

04/25/18, Brinkwire
04/24/18, Bright Surf
04/24/18, EurekAlert!
04/24/18, Science Daily
04/24/18, Scienmag

Formel 1 - Wie der Sport bei Konfliktlösungen helfen kann

04/08/18, Radioeins

Race Car Conflict

04/02/18, Ivoox
04/02/18, Player FM
04/02/18, Science Update

Piloten van gelijke status verhogen risico op crashes

03/31/18, Managing21

El extraño parecido entre la Fórmula 1 y las reuniones de trabajo

03/29/18, Panamaon
03/27/18, El Espectador
03/27/18, Sinc

L'equivalenza strutturale: come nasce uno scontro in Formula 1?

When is Conflict Likely to Erupt?

03/29/18, Michael Roberto

El extraño parecido entre la Fórmula 1 y una reunión de trabajo

03/28/18, La Razon

Гонщики чаще сталкиваются в хорошую погоду

03/27/18, Naked Science

Study suggests race car drivers who are similar in age and stature more likely to crash in good weather

03/27/18, The Science Page

Racing driver equality linked to a greater chance of crashing

03/27/18, Oxford Mail
03/26/18, YahooUK news

Siege sind gut, Crashs sind lehrreicher

03/27/18, Der Tagesspiegel

La Fórmula 1 explica por qué discutes tanto con tu compañero de oficina

03/27/18, La Vangardia
03/27/18, MSN Chile

Die Formel 1 als Labor

03/27/18, Der Tagesspiegel
03/27/18, Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

ESMT Berlin startet Industry Immersion Program in Afrika zur Förderung der Arbeitsvermittlung von Absolventen

07/10/17, WiWi Online

ESMT Berlin begins Industry Immersion Program in Africa to foster graduate employability

ESMT Berlin startet Industry Immersion Program in Afrika zur Förderung der Arbeitsvermittlung

How Effective Is Chivas Regal Pricing In Higher Education?

05/09/16, The Evolllution

Declining US colleges adopt 'Chivas regal strategy' of raising fees to infer status

Why US universities start charging more when they sink in the ratings

02/23/16, matador network

When private colleges lose prestige, they raise tuition

02/22/16, MarketWatch
02/22/16, Morningstar
02/22/16, MSN

How can I develop myself as a leader?

02/19/16, Changeboard

Study: 'Chivas Regal' strategy deters lower college prices

02/19/16, Lancaster Online

When US universities sink in the rankings, what do they do? Raise tuition

02/18/16, Quartz

How Schools Use Tuition Hikes To Make Themselves Look Better

02/17/16, Forbes

Status Update: How Do Organizations Respond to a Dip in Status?

02/10/16, Managementink

Matthew Bothner, guest speaker at Wharton Moneyball

02/18/15, SiriusXM Wharton Radio - Wharton Moneyball

Penteo Global Conference: "Los directivos valoran a la baja el liderazgo de los máximos ejecutivos"

10/02/13, ProfesionalesHoy

Usain Bolt and the peril when your status rises too high