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Nate Jingze Niu
ESMT Research Associate and PhD Student
This is a photo of Nate Jingze Niu. ESMT Berlin.
Nate Jingze Niu joined ESMT as a research associate in 2021 while pursuing his second PhD in Management.

Nate has previously received a DPhil in Organic Chemistry from the University of Oxford, UK, where he conducted research in C-H bond activation and heterocycle drug precursors development for neurological disorders. He applied his doctoral experience and worked in management consulting, specialising in the pharmaceutical industry.

Nate commenced his second speciality in management during his professional career hiatus, studying finance at Melbourne Business School and obtaining an MMFin degree in 2020. Nate is researching to assess organic chemical structures specific patents impacting therapeutic innovations within the pharmaceutical space. He is passionate about fully utilising his previous experience to create interdisciplinary research topics and is always open to discussions and collaborations.
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Nate Jingze Niu

ESMT PhD Student and Research Associate, ESMT Berlin

  • PhD Student (ESMT Berlin)
  • PhD (University of Oxford)
  • MM (University of Melbourne)
  • BSc (Fudan University)