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Nils Wehkamp
Researcher, Digital Society Institute
Nils Wehkamp
Nils Wehkamp is researcher and project leader at the Digital Society Institute at ESMT Berlin. Currently, he is primarily researching systematic approaches and the generalization of cyber security law within the project ITSR.sys. ITSR.sys is an interdisciplinary research project funded by the BMBF and started in July 2020. Its goal is to evaluate the current state of cyber security regulations and to develop a cross sectorial model for a general cyber security law.

Besides cyber security, Nils Wehkamp has a strong interest in questions concerning data protection, tech policy and the regulation of digital markets in general. Within his research he examines application-related questions about data-protection as well as effective technology regulation. While holding degrees in Business Informatics as well as in Economics and Law, Nils Wehkamp is strongly interested in interdisciplinary approaches. He also researches how to improve cyber security within critical infrastructure and the role regulations takes in this scenario.

Prior to joining the Digital Society Institute, Nils Wehkamp worked as a data protection specialist within the insurance sector, as well as a research assistant at the Institute of Information-, Telecommunication- and Media Law at the University of Münster. He is certified as company data protection officer. He contributes to the debate on regulation of information systems by publishing his work in scientific journals like Computer und Recht. He also spoke about critical infrastructure at the CyberSecurity Day Lower Saxony 2021. He is lecturer for IT-Law at the Dual University Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart.
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Nils Wehkamp

+49 151 28860764

Researcher, Digital Society Institute (DSI), ESMT Berlin

  • BSc (Universtiy of Münster)
  • BSc (Duale Hochschule Baden-Wuerttemberg)