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Sascha Czerwenka
This is a photo of Sascha Czerwenka, ESMT Berlin.
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Sascha Czerwenka joined ESMT Berlin in September 2016 as a research associate. He is also an EMP Junior Investment Manager at ZZ Vermögensberatung (Schweiz) AG in Vitznau, Switzerland.

Sascha received a Master of Science in Money and Banking from University of Exeter and holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Vienna University of Economics and Business. Prior to joining ESMT and ZZ Vermögensberatung (Schweiz) AG he gained practical experience as a seasonal employee at Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) in Frankfurt am Main. Before attending University of Exeter, Sascha was participating in the portfolio management program, which is a two year program that allows students to run a seven figure real world portfolio.

His research mainly focuses on endowment asset management, financial economics and currency valuation.

In his spare time Sascha likes to travel and enjoys playing golf.
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Sascha Czerwenka

+49 30 212 31-1551

Research Associate, IFEE, ESMT Berlin and EMP Junior Investment Manager, ZZ Vermögensberatung (Schweiz) AG

  • MSc (University of Exeter)
  • BSc (Vienna University of Economics and Business)