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Stefan Wagner receives DFG funding for his research on pharmaceutical patenting

06/01/21, ESMT News
Stefan Wagner, associate professor of strategy and innovation at ESMT Berlin, successfully applied for DFG funding for a research project on “The use of Markush structures in pharmaceutical patenting and their effect on R&D competition in drug development.” The research grant is for 24 months and comes with personnel funding for a research assistant and a student assistant, as well as funding for other direct project costs. The approved funding sum is €111,100 plus €24,400 overhead costs.

Bollywood first

05/14/21, Wirtschaftswoche
Covid in India

Curevac braucht ein US-Patent

04/23/21, WirtschaftsWoche
Curevac, Vaccines

Curevac braucht Goodwill der US-Regierung

04/23/21, WirtschaftsWoche
Modern mRNA technology builds on existing patents. Stefan Wagner, professor at ESMT Berlin, explains the interrelationships of these licenses. (German article)

From startup to $67 billion company: 3 Lessons from Moderna's vaccine success

04/21/21, BusinessBecause
Moderna's vaccine has propelled its market capitalization to $67 billion. Stefan Wagner, professor at ESMT Berlin, comments on the latest success of this company.

Will COVID-19 vaccine success inspire future competition?

02/26/21, Businessbecause
"Cooperation" and Covid: Moderna's vaccine has propelled its market capitalization to $67 billion. Stefan Wagner, professor at ESMT Berlin, comments on the latest success of this company.

Erste TEDx-Konferenz an der ESMT Berlin

02/02/21, IDW
TEDx-Konferenz 2021
02/02/21, Abitur und Studium
TEDx-Konferenz 2021

First TEDx-Conference at ESMT Berlin

02/02/21, Response Source

The rise in fintech start-ups

06/11/20, IDG Connect

Tips from industry players on how FinTechs can survive through the coronavirus pandemic

03/26/20, Fintech Global
Coronavirus and fintechs

Losing employees to a rival company can have an upside

11/18/19, HR Magazine
Mobile employees

Finding a silver lining when R&D staff leave

11/02/19, Academy of Management
AOM Insights features a study by Stefan Wagner on the upside of losing employees to a competitor.

Opportunity knocks when rivals poach your stars

08/15/19, The Australian
Mobile employees study

Vorteilhafte Abwanderung?

08/15/19, Bank und Markt
Employee mobility study

Warum es nicht immer schlimm ist, wenn gute Leute abwandern

08/02/19, Das Investment
Mobile employees

Maximizing energy effeciency

08/01/19, Startup Magazine
Überenergy at ESMT

ESMT Berlin study: Losing innovative employees to competitors can actually benefit employers - Employer News

07/15/19, employernews
Retaining employees and new employers

Firms can overplay the war for talent, researchers find

07/12/19, Insight
Employees and competition study

Losing innovative employees to competitors can benefit companies, ESMT Berlin study finds

07/11/19, Bdaily
Employees and competition study

Verlust innovativer Angestellter an Wettbewerber kann Vorteile bringen, zeigt Studie der ESMT Berlin

07/11/19, Informations Dienst Wissenschaft
Mobile employees

The upside of losing innovative employees to competitors

07/02/19, Harvard Business Review
In Harvard Business Review, Stefan Wagner discusses the benefits of mobile employees based on his latest research.

Mehr Nationen im Dialog

04/04/19, Süddeutsche Zeitung
Interview with Stefan Wagner in Süddeutsche Zeitung on his experiences in public and private higher education. (German language)

Freies Denken erwünscht

10/19/18, Süddeutsche Zeitung (Hauptausgabe)

Nothing is free: Data-driven optimisation unlocks freemium business models' real potential

10/01/18, The European Business Review

Women must unite to maximise success in start-ups

06/05/16, Financial Times

Wer hat's erfunden?

10/17/15, Der Tagesspiegel - Supplement

Gute Voraussetzungen für Kooperationen

07/23/15, Twitter-BWA

Are 'Patent Thickets' smothering innovation?

04/04/15, Yale Insights

TÜSIAD/TCCI European Economic Integration Chair has organized a panel entitled "Growing economies through innovation: German-Turkish collaboration in research and

03/25/15, Noodls

DAX-Konzerne, Stiftungen, Wirtschaftskanzlei und die ESMT gründen German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) an der ESMT in Berlin


Leading corporations, foundations, law firm, and ESMT found German Tech Entrepreneurship Center

Siemens übergibt mit HelWin1 die zweite Nordsee-Netzanbindung an TenneT

02/09/15, Pressrelations

ESMT startet gemeinsame Gründungs-Plattform GTEC

Pourquoi externaliser une activité peut-il en condamner une autre ?

05/06/14, Les Echos

Formation continue - Mis en ligne le 10-02-2014

New Chair

02/17/14, Times of India

Stefan Wagner named TUSIAD/TCCI Chair in European Economic Integration at ESMT