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Working papers
Information technology and systems; Management sciences, decision sciences and quantitative methods; Technology, R&D management
Technology assessment, technology analysis, indicators
Betting on right technologies, selecting meaningful fields of application and thus steering technology developments with suitable properties in the right direction is crucial for the sustainable success of technology companies. However, due to the worldwide increase and rapid acceleration of research and development activities as well as the increasing integration of value chains, it is becoming increasingly difficult to correctly assess technology developments. At the same time, access to data and information has dramatically improved powered by the developments of the world wide web. Powerful information and telecommunication devices as well as software make large data sets easier to access and complex data analyses with new types of indicators possible. Thus, the possibilities of indicator-based technology assessments have also improved for companies that have very limited resources for technology analysis. In order to provide an up-to-date overview of which indicators and methods for technology analysis are currently used in practice and in science, the Chair of Innovation Management of the Free University Berlin conducted a survey of German-speaking experts* from business and science in November and December 2017. The results are presented in this report.