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Conference Proceeding

Citing behaviors, ranking games, and the myths of judging academic merit

Academy of Management Proceedings 2012 (1)
Jerker C. Denrell, Chengwei Liu, Howard Aldrich, Ezra Zuckerman (2012)
Human resources management/organizational behavior
Citation, impact factor, performance evaluation
Academic merit in Management is primarily judged through the prestige of the journal where an article is published and the number of citations the work eventual receives. Nevertheless, research suggests that citation is at best a noisy indicator of academic merit, and it is very often a misleading one. Using journal rankings based on citation analysis as a means of assessment is even more problematic: academics’ attentions are attracted to high prestigious journals which recurrently reject the best quality work. Most practices we use to judge academic merit are built on the myth that citation is a reliable indicator of quality. This proposed symposium intends to bring together a series of papers dealing with cutting-edge issues related to citation analysis and its problems in Management. Individually and collectively, these papers address fundamental, unresolved questions about how to best judge academic merit in management.
With permission of the Academy of Management
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