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Coauthorship trends in the field of management: Facts and perceptions

Academy of Management Learning and Education 16 (4): 509–530
Chengwei Liu, Christopher Y. Olivola, Balázs Kovács (2017)
Ethics and social responsibility
Multiple authorship, coauthorship, ethics, evaluations, teams
We explore the perceptions, preferences, and motivations that contribute to a widely recognized phenomenon: the continuous rise of coauthorship within the field of management. Using data from Web of Science, we first confirm that the average number of authors on published papers has steadily and continuously increased over the last 4 decades and compare this trend across subfields and journals. We also conduct a survey, asking management researchers about their perceptions of coauthorship trends and their reactions to specific authorship scenarios. Comparing the “facts” and the “perceptions” of coauthorship, we suggest that the increase in coauthorship in management reflects not only quality considerations and the need for collaborations, but also instrumental motivations. We conclude by discussing the implications of our findings for the processes of peer evaluation and education in management.
With permission of the Academy of Management
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