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The creation of the extraordinary: Perspectives on luxury

Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler
Creation of the extraordinary, perspectives on luxury, luxury, branding, brand management, marketing, luxury brand management, luxury marketing, luxury brand strategy, marketing strategy, symbolic consumption, advertising, status consumption, creative industries
Luxury is as old as humankind and has sparked multiple debates throughout of history. In today’s consumer society, luxury brands have become aspirational symbols. Yet, to date, a comprehensive overview of the different perspectives that have shaped the discourses about luxury is missing. Hannes Gurzki provides a broad overview of luxury research, highlights and details important perspectives on luxury, and derives practical guidelines for managers based on research. Thereby the author combines insights from different disciplines, such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, cultural studies, economics or management, to broaden and deepen our understanding of luxury and its creation principles.

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