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Effect of response scale on assessment of emotional intelligence competencies

Personality and Individual Differences 46 (5/6): 575–580
Joan Manuel Batista-Foguet, Willem E. Saris, Richard Boyatzis, Laura Guillén, Richard Serlavós (2009)
Human resources management/organizational behavior
response bias, cross-cultural metric equivalence, multi-source feedback assessment, competency assessment, emotional intelligence
Personality and behavioural assessment are common practice in research and applications throughout the world. Most of this research has been in English-speaking countries. Relatively little work has been done in cross-cultural settings to study the nature of response scale. Familiarity with an 11-point response scale in European countries may affect the reliability of questionnaire responses. In Spain, with mainly European MBA students, results show that an 11-point scale provides composites with greater reliability, validity and less invalidity, than the commonly used 5-point scale.
With permission of Elsevier
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