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Gefährlich Trugbilder: Automation Surprise und die Bedeutung der Kommunikation im Cockpit [Dangerous illusions: Automation surprise and the importance of communication in the cockpit]

Flugsicherheit: Fachliche Mitteilung für fliegende Verbände 1: 18–22
Jan U. Hagen, Tommaso Arcangeli (2021)
Human resources management/organizational behavior
Automation, communication, team interaction, leadership
Automation Surprise or Ambiguous Cockpit Information manifests itself as a miscommunication between man and machine and may lead to serious incidents and accidents. Focusing on factual communication between crew members as well as using training scenarios that specifically address the lesser known, less critical malfunctions may prepare pilots for dealing with losses in automation.
With permission of the German Armed Forces Aviation Office (Luftfahrtamt der Bundeswehr)
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