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ESMT Case Study

HTMa (home therapy management): Implementing a customer growth opportunity: Principles, people, process, partners

ESMT Case Study No. ESMT-505-0035-1
Sandra Vandermerwe (2005)
growth, customer focus, strategy, healthcare, implementation, partnering, innovation, entrepreneurship, environmental change
After three years in business, HTMa, a German enterprise grown from a partnership between Baxter Germany, and run by entrepreneur Andreas Rudolph, had achieved an increase of 80% in growth with profits up by 300%. The case concentrates on how a customer focused strategy and implementation led to this success. The enterprise creates a new market healthcare space namely "a new way of managing post operative health for patients". The case shows the various challenges associated with this new venture and the initiatives taken to get the final payoff. Central to this is how it embraced innovation on a proactive and ongoing basis to create new wealth and a sustainable competitive advantage. For the conservative Baxter there had been a host of internal issues to deal with - like getting top management's support, and training employees to do things very differently from the past. External issues were equally challenging, like working with partners in a completely new way, sharing knowledge and relationships to get a win-win for all. Andreas Rudolph who saw and sensed the new market opportunity (as he had done in the past and continues to do), has to learn to work with partners like Baxter as well as inspire and build confidence with his team and customer groups so they would take the idea up and make it into a reality.
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