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ESMT Case Study

Hurricane Gudrun: Unleashing crisis power (B)

ESMT Case Study No. ESMT-306-0077-1
Erik H. Schlie (2006)
Strategy and general management
crisis management, Sydkraft AB, E.ON AG, E.ON Sverige, Sweden, general management, power failure, electricity outage, Operation Gudrun, Hurricane Gudrun
This case illustrates key concepts and lessons about crisis management in the context of the energy sector in Sweden but also relates to broader general management and leadership topics. It portrays the events and actions following a massive hurricane (called "Gudrun") which devastated southern Sweden in January 2005, causing a major power outage among 258,000 of Sydkraft's customers. The B case is the second of a three-part case series and describes a number of measures that the company took as part of "Operation Gudrun" in the aftermath of the severe hurricane.
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