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A new competition framework for the digital economy: Report by the Commission “Competition Law 4.0”

Antitrust Chronicle 3 (2): 33–38
Martin Schallbruch, Heike Schweizer, Achim Wambach (2019)
Information technology and systems; Technology, R&D management
Competition law, antitrust law, digital platforms, data access
The Commission “‘Competition Law 4.0’” was set up by the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy with the task to draw up recommendations for the further development of EU competition law in the light of the digital economy. The final report with 22 recommendations was handed over in September 2019.
The commission finds that the practical and actual power of consumers to dispose of their own data must be improved, clear rules of conduct for dominant platforms must be introduced, legal certainty for cooperation in the digital sector must be enhanced, and the institutional linkage between competition law and other digital regulation must be strengthened.
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