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New directions in governing organizational learning

Academy of Management Proceedings 2015 (1)
Vinit Desai, Chengwei Liu, Peter M. Madsen, David Maslach, Nils Stieglitz, Christine Beckman, Jack A. Nickerson (2015)
Human resources management/organizational behavior
Governance, organizational learning, regulation
Organizations and the individuals that manage these organizations learn from their experience. While conceptualizations of how organizations learn have accounted for internal and external processes that may govern and regulate how learning occurs, there has been few attempts to holistically bring together a dialogue about governing organizational learning. Governance of organizational learning refers to the powerful groups that direct attention within organizations toward particular events and monitor organizations’ ultimate learning and performance outcomes. Moreover, forms of governance are rapidly changing with the introduction of recent technologies, such as the sharing economy. This symposium explicitly investigates how governance and regulatory processes moderate how organizations and individuals make decisions and learn from their experience. By collating four papers and thought-leaders on organizational learning and governance, we expect to pollinate a fruitful discussion about how managers and policy analysts should expect to govern organizational learning in the present and future. The papers included in this symposium examine several different forms of governance and their impacts on attention, decision making, and learning in organizations.
With permission of the Academy of Management
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