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Outside in, inside out: The impact of knowledge heterogeneity, intra- and extra- organizational ties on innovative status

Academy of Management Proceedings 2009 (1)
Paola Criscuolo, Linus Dahlander, Ammon Salter (2009)
Technology, R&D management
Innovation management, organizational sociology research, knowledge transfer, business networks, interorganizational networks, information sharing
The article proposes five hypotheses related to the question of why some people acquire innovative status within organizations. The discussion focuses on the external ties of the organization, the effect of knowledge heterogeneity on employees' innovative status, the idea that networking produces knowledge diversity, and the implication that there are individual differences in how intra- and extra-organizational relations affect people. The research methods include coefficient estimates calculated from a negative binomial model and a survey of consultant engineers who work in multidisciplinary and multinational organizations.
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