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The robust beauty of ‘little ideas': The past and future of "A behavioral theory of the firm"

Journal of Management Inquiry 24 (3): 318–320
David Maslach, Chengwei Liu, Peter Madsen, Vinit Desai (2015)
Human resources management/organizational behavior
Behavioral Theory of the Firm, organizational change, adaptation, little ideas
This introductory and the following nine articles reflect comments made by panelists during a symposium honoring A Behavioral Theory of the Firm by Richard Cyert and James G. March at the 2013 Academy of Management meeting. Not surprisingly, what emerged from these comments is that the Behavioral Theory of the Firm (BTF) was enormously influential to the creation of many “little ideas” that have a big impact on a number of social sciences. More surprising is the potential for many new “little ideas” that build on the BTF. The panelists detail what these new “little ideas” may be in future research.
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