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The solitude of the remote leader

Human resources management/organizational behavior
Leadership, remote work, emotional intelligence
Eloïse has a problem. The company’s board has decided that her team will be moved to a new location – one that is in a shabby building, located far off the beaten track, and (adding insult to injury) with a horrible staff canteen. The kicker: The board tasked Eloïse with informing her team, who will be returning from their home offices to this new pandemic workplace reality. In her latest article for Forbes, Nora Grasselli, program director of ESMT Executive Education, tackles what these tough situations demand of Eloïse and other executives who are having to manage the economic fallout of the pandemic for themselves and their teams. Often, they are left to manage it alone, under conditions of extreme stress and cut loose from network support. What, asks Grasselli, can Eloïse do to handle leadership solitude and its consequences?
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