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Wir brauchen eine Plattformökonomie, die zum Gemeinwohl beiträgt [We need a platform economy that contributes to the public welfare]

In Digitale Daseinsvorsorge, edited by Henning Lühr, 156–167. Bremen: Kellner Verlag.
Martin Schallbruch (2020)
Economics, politics and business environment; Information technology and systems; Technology, R&D management
Platform economy, public services, public sector, competition
The digital transformation of all areas of life also involves the public sphere. The government and politicians are called upon to digitally redesign state and local public services in all areas - from education to health care and transport. Digital platforms play a central role in the digital transformation. On the one hand, platform companies are drivers and supporters in the digitization also of public services. On the other hand, they are often market-dominating companies that can reduce the government's ability to design the digital services. Governments are requested, on the one hand, to develop their own platform strategy for the public sector and, on the other hand, to reduce the power of the market-dominating global platforms and to ensure competition.
Secondary Title
Digitale Daseinsvorsorge