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Institute for Endowment Management and Entrepreneurial Finance


About IFEE

The IFEE at ESMT Berlin integrates activities at the intersection of the fields of entrepreneurship and finance in a unique way. These activities span research, teaching, as well as interactions with practitioners. The IFEE is led by ESMT Chair in Entrepreneurship.

Areas of focus

  • Research

    Research performed by members of the IFEE covers a range of topics such as human capital in startups, crowdfunding, as well as endowment management at universities. This research has appeared in top tier academic journals such as Management Science, Organization Science, and Science. Research insights are diffused widely to practitioners and policy makers and have been covered by media such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and der Spiegel.

  • Teaching

    IFEE faculty offer courses and seminars in entrepreneurship, finance, as well as endowment management. Members of the IFEE are leading the Portfolio Management Program (PMP) at ESMT, which gives students the unique opportunity to build knowledge and skills in asset management and finance. The PMP has dedicated space at ESMT’s entrepreneurial campus in Berlin Schöneberg, where students have access to professional tools such as Bloomberg terminals as well as collaboration spaces. Members of IFEE are also managing the Vali Berlin - The Entrepreneurship Hub at ESMT, which offers a “Summer Entrepreneurship Program” that qualifies as internship for MiM students.

  • Practice

    The IFEE initiates and co-sponsors a range of activities that connect research and practice such as conferences and workshops. In addition, the IFEE closely interacts with SpaceShack, a public co-working space at ESMT’s campus in Berlin Schöneberg. SpaceShack gives ESMT students access to resources to develop their entrepreneurial ideas and stimulates IFEE research activities.

By integrating research, teaching, and practice in the areas of entrepreneurship and finance, IFEE pursues ESMT’s mission to create and impart new knowledge to advance business and society, and to develop entrepreneurial leaders.

Portfolio Management Program (PMP)

This is a logo of PMP, which shows a square containing an upward vector encircled by an elliptical circle.

Portfolio Management Program (PMP) is an optional two-year elective, during the MIM program, wherein selected students actively manage a real-money portfolio - 1 million euros per group with a total portfolio value of 3 million euros. The concept of the PMP enables participants to combine theory and practice to develop real trading strategies on the open market. PMP students learn how to cope with the positive and negative dynamics of active investing and how to develop their own strategies in global markets.

Vali Berlin - The Entrepreneurship Hub

This is the logo for Vali Berlin at ESMT Berlin.



Vali Berlin - The Entrepreneurship Hub at ESMT Berlin is a new initiative to empower entrepreneurs at ESMT Berlin.