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Baris Efe
Manager and Co-Founder at Vali Berlin | Empowering entrepreneurship at ESMT Berlin
A photo of Baris Efe, the Manager of Vali Belrin.
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On the one hand, Baris supports ESMT entrepreneurs in implementing innovative business ideas, from finding the right idea and team to reaching product-market fit and, finally, pitching in front of investors. On the other hand, he builds the organizational framework and network between high-potential talent, corporates, SMEs, investors, faculty, and the startup ecosystem Berlin to ensure our founders receive the resources and tools they need.

During his Master’s in Management at ESMT, Baris co-initiated Vali Berlin to build a place for our exceptional entrepreneurial talent at the heart of the startup ecosystem Berlin and the business school number one in Germany. Previously, he graduated in mechanical engineering and business administration and worked on R&D topics in the automotive and consulting industry.
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Baris Efe

+49 30 212 31-1649

Manager, Vali Berlin, IFEE, ESMT Berlin

  • MSc (ESMT Berlin)
  • BSc (University of Applied Sciences)